Monthly Meetings

All CCLA members are welcome to join the monthly meetings. When you receive the e-mail announcement and agenda, simply reply to the e-mail and include who will be attending. Checks can be mailed to the CCLA Administrative Office or you can bring a check for $75 with you to the meeting. This fee covers refreshments in the morning, lunch and room rental, along with other associated costs.

November 7, 2013 Meeting Agenda View Details

Important Documents

Powerpoints and other documents.

Document Name Document Type
G2 at CCLA.pdf PDF
Dr. Elaine Jeter 2013 CCLA.pptx Powerpoint
Affordable Care Act CCLA 11-8-13.pptx Powerpoint
Rina Wolf 1 2013 CCLA.pptx Powerpoint
Rina Wolf 2 2013 CCLA.pptx Powerpoint
Robert Michel 2013 CCLA.pptx Powerpoint
White Paper- A Pay For Value Data Driven Approach for the Coverage of Innovative Genetic Tests 1307- 1.pdf PDF
Elaine Lyon 2013 CCLA.pptx Powerpoint
Junaid Shabbeer 2013 CCLA.ppt Powerpoint
Mark S. Birenbaum 2013 CCLA.pptx Powerpoint
Michael Arnold and Kristi Foy 2013 CCLA.ppt Powerpoint
Alan Mertz 2013 CCLA.pptx Powerpoint
Amanda Hayes- Kibreab 2013 CCLA.pptx Powerpoint
Bernie Betlach 2013 CCLA.ppt Powerpoint
David Gee 2013 CCLA.pptx Powerpoint
Dr. Bernice Hecker 2013 CCLA.pptx Powerpoint
Dr. Francisco R. Velázquez 2013 CCLA.pptx Powerpoint
Orrin Marcella 2013 CCLA.pptx Powerpoint

2013 Meeting Schedule

The meeting dates and locations for 2013 are shown below.

Date Place
January 17, 2013 View Details
February 14, 2013 View Details
March 21, 2013 View Details
April 11, 2013 View Details
May 16, 2013 View Details
June 20, 2013 View Details
July / August 2013 View Details
September 19, 2013 View Details
October 17, 2013 View Details
November 6-8, 2013 View Details
December 2013 View Details

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